Our clients and partners share their enthusiasm for the Oberle team.


“The insurance diligence service provided by August and the team at Oberle are an indispensable element of our acquisition lending practice. It saves our clients time, money and reduces risk, win-win-win.”


“August’s offering to entrepreneurs looking to acquire is clear: ‘I was in your shoes and know exactly what you and your investors care about.’ Better still, August’s standard of service is off-the-charts. I aspire to have our Searchers and Co-Investors talk about us the same way they talk about August.”

– Carlos Saez, The Operand Group

“We have known August since before he launched his search. He is a positive, energetic partner and delivers work of high quality. His deep roots in our community make him uniquely qualified to assist searchers during due diligence and beyond.”

– Jim Edmunds, Search Fund Partners

“August combines a deep knowledge of the way entrepreneurs and investors think about risk in the search fund space with top notch insurance services and advice. This offering is a huge asset to our community.”

– Jon Herzog, Goodwin Procter

“I’ve known and worked with August since we raised our Search Fund. As a fellow entrepreneur, he “gets it." His company has been able to find us relatively complex coverage and is always looking to drive savings. I highly recommend August, he’s a tremendous resource.”

– Lucas Braun, brown robin

“I have a tremendous amount of respect for August. He has a great understanding of the insurance industry and has always provided great advice. As we are both members of the Search Fund community, he has the unique perspective to provide M&A insurance due diligence services and also understand how to insure a newly acquired company to protect investors. I highly recommend working with August on a project.” 

– Marshall Johnson, Artic Capital

“I've had the chance to work with August for over a decade and know him to be one of the best insurance professionals out there. I've worked with August to solve many complex risk management issues and have referred him often to other CEOs in need of insurance assistance. I can't think of a single person I've referred him to that hasn't hired him and then sent me a personal thank you note afterwards. As a former manager, then colleague, then client, and also as someone that personally now knows August and his family well and consider them top class, I can't recommend August highly enough.”

– Josh Greenberg, Montebello Holdings