Thank you for your interest in Oberle Risk Strategies.  Having spent my career leading teams at both small and large, private and publicly-held insurance brokerages, I founded Oberle with the vision of creating a high quality, independent, specialty insurance brokerage.  

I have a long family history in the insurance business; my father, grandfather, and great grandfather all owned insurance agencies in Saint Louis.  My experience in the industry began immediately following college, in 2003, when I joined Marsh’s San Francisco office as a Risk Analyst.

After Marsh I partnered with two like-minded entrepreneurs to form Bluebird Investment Company.  Our charter was to search-for and purchase an insurance agency.  In 2010, after a nationwide search, we successfully negotiated the buy-out of Murphy Insurance Group (MIG) a mid-sized agency in Madison -- I assumed the role as CEO of the firm.  Our family relocated from the Bay Area to Madison shortly after the acquisition.  

After leading MIG for five years we merged with Hub International Ltd., the largest privately held insurance brokerage in North America.

At Hub, from 2015 to 2018, I was the CEO of Wisconsin.  My primary responsibilities included overseeing the strategic direction for our Wisconsin operation, which included our three office locations consisting of approximately 90 employees.

Having worked in the industry from San Francisco to Madison I’m thrilled to make my hometown of Saint Louis my final stop.  The driver for me to create Oberle was in response to what I felt was a need for a truly indendent and nimble insurance brokerage.  Today the insurance business has become a consolidation game, with larger national brokers and private equity firms acquiring indendent agencies at a rapid pace.  And although I admire the business model, I’ve noticed that this led to a more short term focus and profits and scale, as opposed to quality, long-term advisory.

I’m excited to back, building a great firm.  Concurrrently with lauching Oberle, I’ve partnerd with CLH Insurance which is run by Chuck Hembree.  This year marked the 50th year of CLH Insurance inception, and I’m thrilled to have Chuck and his team onboard.  CLH has incredible 

Fired up!

August Felker